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El Beyt.

Discover the luxurious simplicity of desert living!


El Beyt – simply luxurious! The Arabic word „beyt” doesn't mean just „house” – it also implies the meaning of  „home”. Traditional Egyptian village architecture combined with lovingly chosen furnishings make for a comfortable setting – we want our guests to feel at home with us!

Bahariya Oasis


Bahariya is one of the five major oases of the Western Desert and lies app. 370 km southwest of Cairo. The depression is enclosed by black hills, testimony to rich iron ore deposits in this area, and is watered by numerous springs, among them Bir Matar and Bir al-Ghaba. Bir Beshmu is a well providing hot water since Roman times! The neighbouring village al-Qasr was built on the ruins of a 26. dynasty temple. From the top of Gebel Miysrah or Gebel Dist one has a panoramic view across the fields and palm gardens as well as the surrounding desert. Crops consist of dates, olives, apricots and fodder for the numerous cattle and camels.  

Your Gateway to the Western Desert

El Beyt is an ideal starting point for long walks through the adjacent fields and camel rides to Gebel Dist and into the surrounding desert. Tours to the temples and tombs of Bahariya and walks to the old town of El Qasr can be easily arranged. Discover the dark and gold vistas of the Black Desert  and the glacier-like landscape of the White Desert, or start for a tour to the dunes of Abu Muharrik or into the Great Sand Sea!